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Seedlings are grown straight from seed in March, April and May in Styrofoam containers and are harvested in the fall of the same year. A variety of container sizes are used and most commercial species are grown at Mt. Ida including: Douglas Fir, Interior Spruce, Western Red Cedar, White Pine, Western Larch and Lodgepole Pine. All harvested seedlings are sorted into the customers specifications.

Picture of larch sapplings in Interior British Columbia

Quality Assurance

Producing a high quality product is the first priority at Mt. Ida Nursery Ltd. and a variety of measures are used to ensure that this happens:

  • - Both growers are hands on and in the crop on a daily basis
  • - All greenhouses are equipped with an Argus climate control system. This allows for control of parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, grit temperature and vapour pressure deficit.
  • - An Integrated Pest Management System has been set up to identify and mitigate nursery pests through appropriate measures.
  • -A crop monitoring program to identify heights and diameters at various stages in the crop year while referencing previous seasons data
Picture of carefully packaged sapplings in Salmon Arm, British Columbia